FEEDBACK from parents.  

"Let me thank you for such a fun experience!  We had a great time! The girls can't wait to come back.  My girls are still talking about the fun they had! You have such a wonderful energy and we truly felt "happy" when we left!  I look forward to all you have in store for us and the many things we are sure to learn.   What a joy to be in your class!"

"...then Susan arrives who is going to run the class and she seems totally unfazed by the fact that it’s clearly going to be a one-on-one. She sits down on her brightly colored little rug and starts tapping away on her legs and clapping her hands as my son buries his head into my lap like he’s trying to dig his way to the other side of the world and I wonder how soon we can leave without being too rude.

One and a half hours later we are still going strong. My son has been more engaged than I have seen him in a long time. He has jammed on the ukulele, gotten tribal with the drums, swished and swirled with brightly colored scarfs, sung a solo, shimmied and giggled and howled and been encouraged to play and explore and lead the way.

It was a total treat and just what I needed, let alone my son! A strong reminder that children led education is a special thing. My kids are both at very sweet, very straight schools where the teachers have hearts of gold (which is huge and why they are there) but where they will rarely be encouraged to initiate or question or explore or provoke or follow their own beautiful and as yet, uncensored creative intuition as we did in Happy Little Singers."

"Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to do the class with us today. When we got in the car, my daughter said “Mom, that was SuperFun!”

"The kids love coming to your class and my middle daughter has been walking around singing your songs all week. It was nice having other children there...I know mine are very high energy so it is a great outlet for them to come sing and dance even with no one else there...but they do enjoy seeing and interacting with other children. "

"Susan, I really enjoy it so much! Love being with the other kids and parents. It is a great time! I have been looking forward to this kind of thing ever since my son was born. I love doing lots of fun things with my boy and thank you for the opportunity!"

"Susan, Thank you so much for the wonderful class. My girls had a wonderful time and keep asking if we can come back :) Small or large, the spirit of the class is joyful and free. We love it!"

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